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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by patman75, May 26, 2015.

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    My daughter is hatching about 2 dozen Call Ducks, they are due to hatch this weekend but with all the egg rocking and chirping doing on it might be sooner [​IMG]. She plans to sell them and was wondering how much she should ask. My neighbor who gave us the eggs said about $10 each. They will be about a week or 2 weeks old when we sell them.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    First off, good luck on the hatch! Call duck babies are VERY difficult, even for experienced hatchers. So please keep us updated!

    As for cost, it's dependent on quality. When they're so young it's extremely difficult to gauge quality, but if their parents are show-quality, you can fetch a decent price for the babies. Do you have any photos of the mom and dad? I admit, I just like seeing images of call ducks. :p
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    I'll get some pics of the parents. I have been reading up on hatching and i did not realize the difficulties with hatching call ducks. My neighbor told me 28 days which would of been Saturday but now I reading 26 days which explains why we have multiple eggs moving, chirping and pecking away at the shells. Looks like lockdown was tonight. LOL

    Humidity was around 55-60 for most of the hatch and we have been spraying and turning twice a day. We candled at day 7 and keep 24 and tossed 9.

    I was trying to time a silkie hatch at the same time and filled up the incubator at day 7 with silkies but it looks like i messed that up a little. I should be able to still turn the silkies and not move the call ducks for a few more days?
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    We already have our first pipped egg. Here we go.[​IMG]
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    How exciting!

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    One just hatched a hour ago. The first one that pipped ended up getting stuck and died. After reading many many post about difficulties with hatching call ducks I put holes in the eggs at the air sack. Many were already dead, no internal pip... just quit. Frustrating to say the least. There is at least another 6 or 7 still confirmed alive and pipped and working on hatching.

    Chickens are so much easier.

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