Call of the Wildman

Love the show!

Told my husband I wanted to have Turtleman's babies!

My husband's response? "As if your family wasn't redneck enough already."
My grand daughter love it. I hate it. It is just another piece of white trash television just like the pawn shop, logging, boot legging, storage auction shows. They talk so foul and dress like trash. Would it kill them to shave and put a shirt on when they are on television?
Think what you want, Iove this show! Even if they do swear, they censor it out. Besides, I haven't heard anyone on that show swear in a while, and it was censored too. The only time that Turtleman takes off his shirt is when he goes in ponds for turtles. Also, seriously you think that they forget or don't want to shave? I think that they just like their beards how they are. I know that they may make money from the show, but they all live in the backwoods of Kentucky, so they can't go to Walmart to buy clothes. Actually watch more than 5 minutes of the show before demonizing it.

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