Calling all Barred Rock experts. Pic heavy


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Apr 17, 2009
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This spring I grabbed an assortment of chicks from the feed store. They are all hatchery stock. Out of the 8 I picked up one was from the barred rock tub and one from the black sexlink tub.

Out of those two I thought I knew who was who. Now I'm not sure. 1 is a roo and the other a pullet. I thought the pullet was the sexlink because why would a roo be in with the sexlinks? But she looks barred rock to me, she is also the smallest of the bunch. I'm no expert thanks for the help. They are 12 weeks old.

Here are the two in question.

If you look closely the roo has a single red feather in the middle of his wing. His legs are very yellow.

The pullet has yellowish black legs.

More of the pullet

Your rooster is a black sex link.
The pullet is a barred rock.
All black sex link roosters will be barred, the hens are black.
or just to play devils advocate, how do you kno someone didn't accidentally put a barred rock into the sexlink brooder or viceversa??? lol...

i heard a story where someone was at the feed store and something happened to where the chicks got knocked over.. the boxes as they were unloading not the brooder towers.... and chiacks were running all over the store.... and the kid didn't know anything about them and barred rocks got put in the rir brooder and all kinds of confusing stuff...
Looks like someone fell asleep at the hatchery when they were sorting the sexlinks
. Goodnews is that I mush rather have a BR pullet than a black sexlink pullet

Thanks for all the help ! I bow to your wisdom

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