Calling all Cat Owners - CONFUSED Cat!

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Ok....I'm calling on all fellow cat owners out there....I have a SERIOUSLY "confused" kitty at home! Actually I might be the one who is confused after what I've been witnessing! we've all heard about the stories where some female cat, dog, rabbit, (insert mammal here) "adopts" abandoned baby animals right? Well that's NOT the story here. My story is MUCH stranger.

    My daughter (7 y/o) recently obtained HER kitten "Prince Charming" with her own money, saved up from the Tooth Fairy and various chores. Prince Charming came with his Sister "Snow White" and they've been in our home now for several weeks. They are the newest additions to our family. Now every ONE of our cats is spayed/neutered and range in age from 7 years to 2 years old.

    One of our "special furry children", Manapua...AKA Manny, has taken a special "liking" to the latest additions. a NEUTERED MALE cat...'rescued' from the local "no kill" (we just put them to sleep) county shelter a couple years ago. (Well...they're all rescued cats...) Manny likes to play rough and chase and all kinds of WILD games. He's taken to grooming them (obviously a dominance thing)...but also GROOOOMING the point where they start 'searching' him for sustenance! I have on SEVERAL occasions caught Snowie attempting to NURSE off of Manny...and there he is...just LETTING her!

    Well...last night I noticed two sets of ears in the top of one of our cat trees. There was Manny...on his side...dozing quite peacefully. Charming was kneading away...suckling at Manny's tummy! So I said "Charming...seriously...." and tried to kinda 'wake' him out of his trance. Well I had to actually POP Charming OFF of Manny's nipple!!!!!!! Manny looked at me like "Why'd you do that for mom?" OMG!

    So I know grown cats will Knead when they're comfy, when they want affection, etc. of the cats even DROOLS when he kneads...but I've NEVER seen or heard of a male cat...let alone a NEUTERED male cat... SUCKLING kittens! And for anyone who THINKS to ask...NO...I did NOT notice if Manny was lactating!!!!

    So WHAT is going on here?!!?!?! (The kittens are well over 8 weeks old...probably close to 11) The nursing only began in the last couple of days...but this is SERIOUSLY weird!

    Does anyone out there have any ideas WHAT is going on? I mean I've never seen this kind of "big brother bonding" before....
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    Some kittens really like to do this "kneading and suckling" thing....I had a male kitten who would do this to my neck! I had to sort of hide under my pillow if he came to sleep with me....He would do that to my hair.....

    I've heard that kittens will do this if they're taken from mama too early.....It's a need they haven't quenched yet......Your male is just a softy and really likes the kitten, so he's putting up with it, I think......Must not bother him.....
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    Sep 25, 2011
    ok I have this happening to me to. do you now how old they where when they where taken away from there mom? my cat simon trys to well does suck on my cat poof he is probbly older than your kettins but ok anyway they where to young to be taken from there mom when I got them so it was werd when I saw them doing that becuce when I got the kitens poof hated them but it took her about a month or 2 for her to stop growling at them evrey time she saw them but when they got bonded man they rilly loved echother when they got bonded [​IMG] and when people come over they say ow mom and son becuz hes sucking on her and they look allmost identical but then I am like umm no they arent even related [​IMG]
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    Sep 25, 2011
    o but its not a boy thats letting them suck though
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    With all the kittens I've taken in I usually end up with some 'sucklers'. Never though has another cat let them suck on them though, its usually a blanket or something. I did have a cat that suckled on himself. On his front leg like right at the crease. Somehow he broke his leg and when I would take him to work to change his splint no sedation or pain meds were needed as long as he could suckle his leg.. The Dr. thought it was the funniest thing and we took a few pictures of him doing it. Somewhere I even have a video of him sucking the air. Tongue just going in and out of his mouth on nothing. He was a bit needy and we rehomed him(he was about 6 months old so not really a cat yet I guess!) and the people just love him!! My latest batch I ended up with a licker. We always tell her she has a Liquor problem and should see someone about that.

    ETA: If its something you cannot stand invest in a bottle of bitter apple.. Manny might not be able to clean his belly for a couple days but the kittens will learn fast! Once they stop just wipe off mannys belly so he's not bitter anymore!
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