calling all people with "house" turkeys, I'm in need of guidance.


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Apr 12, 2015
I've seen a few people on here that have Turkeys as pets. I am hoping to keep my poult as a house turkey, we've grown quite attached to him/her, and I need guidance on housing and diet. Lurkey is a BBW, and I currently have him(I'm just guessing on sex) on turkey starter. I really want to switch him to something that won't encourage rapid growth, since I want him to remain healthy as long as possible. I know I'm kind of fighting genetics here, but I would love some input on alternatives to the commercial feed. I read that an organic commercial feed may be a better alternative, but I'm also open to preparing his food myself. Also, any supplements that I should be giving him? And as far as housing, I feel a little crazy but I've looked into turkey diapers, and I'm curious as to what kind of containment situation other "house turkey" owners have.

Check out this thread for general Broad Breasted info.

Insofar as "house turkey" protocols? Unless you have a large indoor arboretum for the Lurkey to lurk in, construct outdoor digs for your turk (plenty of info on this via advanced search) as it will be able to really stretch its wings without knocking over the table settings or jumping to the top edge of the TV, etc.
If hanging around indoors? Guess you could use chook "diapers" as a template & just "size-up" the pattern.

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