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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Hennyhandler, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Hennyhandler

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    Jun 10, 2009
    I was wondering which would fit my situation best. I have a flock of standards now in a coop and run. I have a large dog kennel that I have started to and had planned on letting the chickens go into so that they can do a little foraging since the run is bare. For now I am planning on using it for a broody to sit and raise some eggs that I buy and then be moved in with my flock.

    THEN I really started to look at the Seramas and I like the idea of them BUT the thing is they would not be able to live with my standards. SO they could live in the large kennel but that would mean no more out time for the chickens. They would have to depend on what I give them. What do you think? Stick with the standard plan from before or the serama's? I am trying to be logical and reasonable but somehow I get crazy when I am talking chickens so I need some opinions. Calling all rational people's opinions, I mean. [​IMG]
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    I don't know where you live, but be aware that Seramas are not cold hardy.
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    It is a hard question to put on here as most of us are irrational chicken addicts and I must admit I went to get a rooster today and came home with... well lets just say more than just a rooster... lol Anyway, there are a lot of ways you can put your chickens out for a treat. There are tons of chicken runs you can build... in fact here is a link to a few:

    I have the hoop houses and I'll be honest, those don't move easy!!!! I have made mine stationary but they are great for a few hens perminant home. The PVC run is one I've seen since my friend built one and she loves it. Easy to move and her chickens are happy as pie to be in it.

    So, irrationally, go get more chickens and build yourself a run... Rationally speaking... No, stick with the plan... Of course, you already knew this answer... [​IMG]

  4. Hennyhandler

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    Jun 10, 2009
    Yah, you're right. I did. I just didn't want to send a lot of money or time this spring building stuff. I have for the last three years and well... just not enough time this year for it. SO maybe I will stick with the original plan. Not that it is a bad one at all. I have plenty of standards I want but Seramas are so different and well you know how it is. The more the merrier. Lots of thinking to do.
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    I would just stick with the standards. You could always build a new run or look on craigslist for any coops for sale so you could get the seramas.
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    Mine get to free range when we are home. If you have the space it is great. The chickies are so happy free ranging.
    It is worth the risk of the local hawks swinging buy for an easy meal; so far we only had a failed attack. There is plenty of brush and stuff for the chickens to run under for protection when the alert goes out that a hawk is in the area.

    As far as keeping bantams with the big birds it really depends on the dynamics of your current flock. Some accept it smoothly, while others don't work out. This is a mixed answer as it depends on your chickens on what they are willing to accept or not.

    There are several light weight style tractors you can check out pre-made or design ideas. Also, small bantams fit nicely in a large rabbit hutch style pen that you can make a double decker out of. (seen this on another thread, can't remember which one though)

    We are only enablers here so no chance of anyone talking you out of chicken math. [​IMG]

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