calling any one from missouri


Aug 30, 2017
Poplar Bluff, MO
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The Cinnamon Queens had a bit of a spike in average egg size today going from 50g to 55g, one 70g Extra Large and one 76g Jumbo helped to tip the scales. They are a bit over 24 weeks old today, 25 on Wednesday. So far for the month we have 185 eggs from the 12 pullets and a few from Mable the hen. We still have not had a grand slam day with 12 eggs from the pullets, 4 times we got 11.

One pullet late this evening was looking for a place to lay and I had to get the fake eggs out and show her where the nest box was, I wonder if it's her first egg or not.



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May 14, 2020
Heya!!! I don’t exactly live in Missouri, but on the border of Illinois to MO!! I have a cutie pie rooster we sadly cannot keep. I have been given 1-2 weeks to re-home him before my parents take matters into their own hands (and ‘euthanize’ him). He has always been and adorable baby, and cuddles with me. I was hoping there is someone on here that was willing to take him!!! Here’s the link for more info!! —>

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Apr 11, 2016
NW Missouri
Hi from Shaw in St. Louis!
Parents met at Washington University (Southern and Canadian- as you can guess, my accent is horrendous), born and raised a block from Tower Grove and Mobot. Now live a bit further but still a St. Louisan through and through. How are ya'll?
Hello and welcome. How's the weather over east?

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