calling any one from missouri


Aug 30, 2017
Poplar Bluff, MO
My Coop
Here's a mystery for you, we just got back from a bonfire feast with some friends at 9PM. Kinda late for me but before relaxing with a glass of red and hitting the bed I check the hens and all 6 are in the roost area so I lock them up and next I go check the pullets and all 12 are on the roost but I see a soft shell egg so I think wow got 12 eggs again today but then I see another soft shell egg (broken by the fall I assume) and now I'm puzzled. I got 12 eggs yesterday but one was soft shell laid late in the evening and broke and was eaten... two days ago I got 11. Maybe it was just a time warp thing dunno. Anyway pretty happy to get an average of 10 eggs a day this month, that works out to almost 26 dozen eggs... lots of happy friends getting fresh eggs.

Still getting more small eggs than medium but not by much... 122 small, 90 medium and getting more large and extra large eggs now too as well as double yolk jumbos.


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