Calling Kanchii!!


12 Years
Jan 12, 2008
Nor Cal
Hey, are you the kanchiizor on California Chickens?? If so, can I get more info on the Grass Valley Poultry Show for this Saturday?? Is is at the fairgrounds or what? I wanna go!!!
LOL. I am not interested in showing my birds, I am interested in the "For Sale" barn!
Thanks for the info!!!
I will probably see you there! Are you showing your silkies and d'uccles?? Has that little one mastered the magical art of drinking yet?
LOL are you talking about the silkie that dunked her whole head into her water bowl and made us blow dry it before judging? We sold her and the roo she was with while at Stockton, we only kept our favorite of the trio, "Fluffy"
She's a sweetheart, and she'll be at the show. We gave her a bath the other day, and will wash her with bluing dog shampoo the day before the show as well!

Yes, my d'Uccles will be there! Although my roo, Rambo, won't because he has issues with his right eye
He keeps getting junk in it while its trying to heal!
Which is a huge bummer because he's absolutely gorgeous! My mille girls are looking cute though, although their spotting still could be better, this will be a good warm up show for them! Although they decided to eat the ends of their foot feathers off last week. Very good timing of them...

We'll also have our new bantam barred rock Quad there, and a d'Anver. I think that's our line up, unless I'm forgetting someone...

Alyssa (silkieluvr) and I are mainly excited for the sale area too though!
We're hoping to buy a nice bantam black cochin cockerel, because we want to start breeding blue cochins!
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LOL, yes I was referring to THAT silkie.
And poor poor Rambo.

Those silly little milles are like "Hey, mom looks stressed about seems to be our plumage...we should knaw it off so she doesnt have to worry anymore!"

The blues are SOO pretty! There is nothing better. Though I must say that I am not too fond of cochins. They are beautiful to be sure, but the one we have is a real turkey. LOL.

Will be seeing you this Sat!!
LOL I bet that's exactly what those mille girls were thinking!

Oh noes, you have a turkey cochin?
They're generally big sweet, dumb, puff balls. They remind me of silkies, lol.

See you this saturday! We'll probably be in the sale area at the same time (more like the WHOLE time). On Friday we'll have to say what we'll be wearing, or something, so we can find each other.
Ugg... I'm going to have to wake up at like 3:00 AM on Saturday... Ew.
Oh thats right, you have got one heck of a drive, don't you? *snickers evilly* I live 2 miles away from the fairgrounds.
... ARE YOU SERIOUS! *wails* I have to get up by 3, and then drive up to Alyssas (silkieluvr)'s house cause thats where our chooks are kept, catch and box up everyone, pack up my car, then drive for almost 3 hours! Very lame.
:aww Aww Im sorry. Would it make you feel better if I woke up at three too?? LOL (ya right but I thought I'd offer

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