Calls ducks? And where to find them?

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    I've had ducks for years, mostly Muscovies but a few years ago we had a flock of Khaki Campbells and now we have four ducks left; two muscovies, one khaki campbell, and one that is a mix of both. Even with the four of them, they are huge and eat plenty of food. While years prior I put my fowl on the back burner, I have really rekindled my passion for them and for years I have been in love with the idea of getting more ducks of a different breed and rehoming my others. (Only if I can find a good home for them, as I am in no rush to move them.)

    So to start it out I want something small. So I narrowed down my search to the two breeds that fascinate me the most, Runner Ducks and Call Ducks. I like the Runners, and they come in various colors plus I could get a hold of them fairly easily. But I have really been aching for some Call ducks. For years, actually. Every time I see them at a fair or bird show I just stare and want to know where I can get some. So I am fairly sure that this is the breed I want.

    So, for those who own them, or have owned them... What do you have to say about them? The main things I have heard about them is a) they are loud, and b) they are hard to hatch. Are these true? Honestly, I don't mind a bit of noise so long as they aren't like Guineas. [​IMG]But if they are particularly hard to hatch, I don't know how I'll take that. I have heard people assisting every baby out of its shell in a hatch. Are any of them thrifty enough to hatch on their own? I am not particularly experienced, so as far as me stepping in I wouldn't know where to start. That might make me shy away a bit, but would runners really be any better equipped?

    Also, I would love to know where to get some. I want hatching eggs or ducklings. I wouldn't mind adults, but I would only get some from NE Wisconsin because I would go broke having them shipped! Are there any hatcheries with quality ducklings for a lower price? Not that I want to be cheap, but in all honesty I cannot afford to buy offspring of a million dollar pair. So good ducks, for a decent price. [​IMG] Not too much to ask, I hope?

    Thank you all in advance. I would love to hear everything - good and bad - about this breed. [​IMG]
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    On, Canada
    I have calls but zero hatching experience .... i am sorta hoping my quad will produce this year as i'd like a few more but don't want to buy them.

    They are loud, females are, drakes? no. They adore water and require it in massive quantities if your comparing against Muscovies(which i own also) they don't eat loads nor are they particularly messy other than the classic water which means mud issues.

    Finding them? well i got my first ones at a swap, the next ones off a breeder from a local board i am on. They are quite delicate for the first day or so but afterwards despite their wee size, quite hardy, mine are wintering well.

    Here are my two youngest just this week.
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