Calumet County Lack of Chicken Laws


May 21, 2015
East-Central Wisconsin
Hey Guys, I'm relatively new to Chicken-farming, but in my community a huge demand for farm-fresh (or in this case, backyard-fresh) eggs. However, before i propose the idea of starting a small coop to my Dad, i want to get all my clucks in a row (sorry for the pun XD) I have talked this through with my mom and grandma and they like the idea, but my dad is the HUGE stickler. The idea was to sell eggs my senior year to try and help finance college.

Now i know what hens i would be looking for and two different routes that i would go... either high producing brown-eggers, like rhode island reds and sex-link chickens, or a bunch of easter-eggers and amauricanas/araucanas. I was also thinking of trying bantams to keep grain expenses low and being able to afford more of them,

I also have searched and found that i only need a license to sell eggs if i am selling commercially or not on my own property.

I am also planning to build my own coop and then take it with me after college and when i go off to college, my sister can take over selling eggs and chicken care to help finance things that she would like to do.

However the information I am missing are Chicken laws. I have searched everywhere for chicken ordinances, but the closest thing i have found is a law stating that livestock are not allowed on highways except in the case of moving to a separate pasture or something across the street. The rest of the ordinances have to do with dogs and rabid wildlife. I checked the cities municipal codes and found nothing as well. I am not sure what to do though.

Do y'all have any advice or help? (if it helps i am in Wisconsin)
Hi, I posted this under New Members welcome, but want to make sure you have seen it:

Hopefully your area is listed. If not, you can try posting under "where am I, where are you" forum to locate members closer to you and they may have the info.

If none of the above help, I would suggest you contact your mayor's office, country clerk's office or county agriculture agent for help.

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