Cameras in coops


6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
Does anyone have any suggestion on how I would set up some sort of camera to take photos of my hens inside of the coop so I can figure out which one is laying and which one is not ? I am at work all day and come home to find eggs in the nest but for months we can't figure out which ones are actually laying. Are there any cameras on battery power that could do something like that ?
You could get a baby monitor with camera. They have some that you can see from your smart phone. If you wanted to buy it used on Craigslist or eBay you could get a cheaper price. Once you find out who is laying, then you could resell it. Wouldn't be too expensive that way.
I'm too old to work so I'm here all day and I still don't know who's producing and who is not. We get eggs in 3 colors (white & 2 shades of brown) which helps. I've been wanting to get the chickens to put their initials on their eggs, but so far no luck.

We had a camera for a while to identify an egg-eater and it didn't work very well. The light was poor, one white hen looks just like every other white hen.

If you will be able to identify your hens, there are many ways to store videos or .jpgs or see them over the internet depending on how much of a techie you are and what you're willing to spend, but a camera won't show you anything you couldn't see for yourself if you were there, and it probably won't do it as well.
A wild game camera would do well, however as Wrooster pointed out, it may be difficult to distinguish between similar looking hens. You might be able to find a game camera in color that will do the trick. They are fairly pricey though.

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