Campbell Call Duck Hatching Catastrophe... PLEASE HELP!!


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Hi there,

This is my first message, so please bear with me if I am doing this wrong. Last year we bought our three kids a chicken each to keep at our allotment, and we were hooked, I bought my two girls age 10 and 11 an incubator for christmas and we successfully hatched four silkies on boxing day, it was fantastic!! Since then we have bought a cockrel and hatched some of our own eggs and have two more named faith (had to get this one out of shell) and speckles. We then bought two white Campbell call ducks and she had started laying so we put in 6 eggs. Two died early on but the other four were due today. Candled them they had pipped through there air sacs on Thursday and were cheeping, stopped turning them and dropped temp by 1 degree, by friday they had stopped moving and cheeping!! Thought maybe they would run out of air so made a little hole in the end. Duckling still and not breathing same in all eggs. EHat do you think I have done wrong, anything else I should have done. Kids were devestated. (Starting another set of seven off today!! Any good pointers??

PS Using a Brinsea Octagon 10 Had a problem keeping humidity right previuosly so bought digital one...Brinsea don't recommend use in still air but don't know how else to see if its right. Anybody else have this problem.


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Why do you drop a degree?

All I can think of is humidity. What was your humidity at? I am not at all familiar with that type of incubator, I'm sorry.
I know humidyt the entire time is supposed to be higher with ducks than chicks and then even higher at the end.

I'm sorry they didn't make it.


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Im so sorry. In my experience (which isn't much) chicken eggs are a lot tougher than duck eggs, so when I incubate them, I incubate them all at the duck's levels and the chick eggs are developing. I'll let you know in about a month when mine hatch...

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