Camplyobacter and Ecoli


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Our family has come down with both campylobacter and ecoli. It started with my 2 & 5 year olds and now we have it as well. We have free range chickens and the health unit is stating this is the likely cause. We are also having our water (well) tested. I LOVE our chickens but this has been terrible for our family. Is there anyway to prevent it? Should we part with the chickens? We are very keen on hand washing after being outside or touching any farm animals!
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Hello to you
Both of this bacteria are Present in almost 100% of the chickens raised in the world, especially E.coli. So you really can't avoid being in contact with them. But getting a disease from them is something else!
The are 3 levels to deal with this situation :
A. You need to enhance the health of your chickens by doing the follow tips:
A.0- read and learn about biosecurity methods to practice in your flock.
A.1-use on a daily level ACV or garlic in the drinking water of the chickens.
A.2- ferment your chickens feed if you can or provide probiotics from other source.
A.3-use hot chilly flakes in the feed it a good bacteria preventer.
A.4- give your chicken the cleanest water you have every day.
A.5-keep the coop clean and ventilated as much as you can.

B you need to practice strict methods when you are dealing with your chicken.
B.1- change shoos before getting in and out from your chickens.
B.2- wash thoroughly hands after dealing with chickens and eggs.
B.3- the most important is to cook very well eggs and meat from your chickens before eating them.

C. Enhancing the immune system of your family.
C.1 eat good and balanced diet, good proteins,carbohydrates,lipids and especially good sources for vitamins an minerals ( a lot of different vegetables and herbs from all the colors you can find, and good fruits, daily!)
C.2 -have an active way of life.
C.3- reduce the stress in your life as much as you can.
Good luck!
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