Can 1 pair of mating ducks be close to 2 penned (together) drakes without trouble??


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Apr 10, 2016
I hatched 3 ducks and thought 1 was a female - but today 'Emily' began making raspy noises like my other 2 little drakes. So... now I have 1 FOR SURE female and looks like 3 drakes.

My question now is... If I have a barrier between them (duck and 1 drake on one side and the 2 drakes on the other side) within the run, would the drakes be okay or would then attack each other?
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Should be fine, just make sure they can't stick their heads through either... might be best to put up a sight blocker as well, even if it's just tarp attached to wire... :)
As long as they can only see each other and not touch, they will be fine. The drakes will keep the hens away from the other drake on the other side of the fence. I have the same set up right now for my Call Drake and Hens and my Welsh Drake and Hens.
They like seeing each other, its the Call Drake with all the issues....He humps everything...I am still able to free range them together but not pen them....

Yep. I had panels made which have super small mesh so it's impossible for anything to get thru. It's truly great to be able to ask those who have experience. Thank you! Enjoy the day.

Ducks are so cool.
Well... turns out my 1 'female' may be a drake! Emily is making drake sounds rather than duck sounds. Emily was hatched 8 weeks ago, today. So... if I now have 3 males and 1 female my question is... Can I have 1 mating pair next to 2 drakes? There is a barrier between the areas. That or I'll have to get rid of the female. I'm bummed.
Sad truth is your hen with one drake will get bred a lot. Plus your two drakes watching will start breeding each other or fight???
Best to get rid of the drakes and have more hens. Sadly my drake is leaving this week so I will have one too four hens. Better plan.

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