Can a 7 month old Nigerian Dwarf be bred or is this too young?

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Jan 22, 2011
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Is it advisable to breed a Nigerian Dwarf doe at 7 months or when would be a better age?
While it can be done, I would never recommend it.

I have and do sometimes breed at eight months, with proper management, encouraging the doe's body to release multiple eggs to prevent one large kid.

Otherwise I generally recommend 10+ months at the earliest. In a doeling that's been managed and growing correctly, of course.
I didn't know there were goat people on here ! Now we're talking my kind of people ! I have 6 Nigerian Dwarf goats.

I always heard "you can at 9 months, but better to wait until a year." Then I sort of got scolded from one breeder I got my little Christmas white goat from and she said she breeds her miniatures at 18 months.

Well, too late now. My 3 doelings are 1 yr. old this month and the little white one is only 10 months old. They are getting pregnant this month. I know 2 are. We'll separate out the bucks and does when Sept. 1st rolls around or the 1st weekend so my husband can help me switch them back.

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I bred my doe at 11 - 12 months and she did great with her buckling.
...still does great with him, though I think she has waited a loong time to wean him (hes 6 months old and still nurses here and there)
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If you don't get that buckling out and away from his Mom- he's going to doing more than nursing. I doubt you want to breed him back to his mom. Has he been fixed?!?

Does can do well when bred young but the best and responsible thing to do is breed them at 18 months so they are about two when they deliver their first baby/babies.

I was going to sell him off, but I love him..
So I banded him a while ago (he pouted for about 3 days
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The reason I had asked was because we were looking to purchase 2 ND doelings that were 7 months old, then I got this idea in my head that we could bring them home already bred.

I realized that this is not a good idea after thinking about it and you all have confirmed it.

Please advise me on what is a good way to get started with goats. Should I start with very young ones, so they can bond with our family? Should they be bottle fed or stay with their mother until they are weaned?

I've only been looking online for goats. Do you all have other suggestions to find some?

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