Can a chicken actually be housebroken???

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  1. Sjisty

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    May 18, 2009
    I know you have all probably read the story of Frack, my house chicken. To recap - After being seriously ripped up by a roo, she recuperated in the house. She later rejoined the flock when we re-homed the roo, but still came in every day to visit and lay her egg. She went broody in my kitchen one day and I gave her some eggs that I had in the incubator. She hatched 8 beautiful black copper Marans babies (Frack is a dark Brahma) in my kitchen. Well, it got a little too much, so hubby built her and babies a separate stall in the coop.

    Here's the new part - Something got into the coop and killed 7 chicks. Didn't eat them, I just found them dead in a corner. I wonder if I let a squirrel in by accident. The wire is 1 x 1/2, so nothing could have gotten in unless I let it in.

    Anyway, Frack and her remaining chick are back in the house. I let them out for a while several times a day to scratch around in the front yard.

    Now to my question - Frack has not left any "presents" in the house for the 3 days she and little "Solo" have been inside. She wanders around the kitchen and living room with her baby and often lays next to me while I'm at the computer. When she goes outside, the first thing she does is drop a huge poop (sadly in the middle of the front yard, so I have to clean it up). Do you suppose she's smart enough to be housebroken?


  2. blueraspberry

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    Aug 4, 2010
    well i think she is! [​IMG] [​IMG] what a smart chicken!
  3. blueraspberry

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    Aug 4, 2010
    [​IMG] i see her baby poking his/her head out

    if only my chickens loved me that much [​IMG]
  4. GwenReaper

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Memphis, TN
    Sounds like it so far... there is only one way to find out!! Keep them inside more and see if she continues to hold it til she can go outside. I would love to have a house chicken without a diaper!!!
  5. chickenzoo

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    So sorry about her babies, at least she still has one. She sure seems house broken to me. My Sophie will not poo on me when I hold her, she mostly holds it when she's out also unless i don't see her wanting to go back to her cage soon enough.

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