Can a Chicken Hatch Muscovy Eggs?


15 Years
Dec 10, 2007
Central Virginia
I have broody hens. Lots of broody hens.

I'd like to get some muscovy eggs this spring. I know it takes 35 days to hatch muscovy eggs. I figure if one broody hen gives up, it won't be a problem for me to put another broody on the eggs. Broodiness is like a contagious disease around here!

So is it possible that my broody (chicken) hens could hatch out a clutch of muscovy eggs?

Has anyone else had success with chickens hatching muscovies?
Ive hatched about every kind of egg under a broody hen, all but an ostrich or a emu egg, but been thinking about trying it..........................
I have been thinking about trying it, I have a few hens that could cover 1 emu egg, I dont know if they could cover a ostrich egg, but it would be fun to try. My friends just bought a pair of emus today, so when they strat to lay, I just might try an emu egg under a hen. ...................
By the way, thanks lowcountrypoultry. And 92caddy. I'll probably give it a try. I just didn't want to waste my money and risk disappointment if the general consensus was that it couldn't be done.

I have 3 adult hens that are chronically broody. Out of 10 pullets I ordered this spring, 2 are buff orps, already practising at being broody, as well as a broody Blue Andalusian. Who would have thought that? Also, I hatched out a couple of pullets from the eggs of one of my adult broodies, before I realized that they would probably end up being broodies, too. So, broody hens galore.

I'd still love to hear about it if anybody has tried it before.

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