Can a chicken have separation anxiety?

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    Jan 25, 2017
    So i resently in the past 7 years of raising chickens. I have just built a new chicken coop and slowly started adding chickens. Well the coop is big enough to fit maybe 15 birds but I'm not wanting to put more them 8 maybe 10. Well this past weekend I went to buy 3 Hens to add to this coop which already has 2 Hens living in it already. So i brought 3 Hens out of the 3 i brought a odd ball a Blue Copper Maran Hen who's said to be about a Year and a half old. This is the first time I've brought a Hen over the age of 8 months. So it's a first to me. Well the person I brought her with other Blue copper Marans all around the same age so I'm thinking that since she's the only one I got and being that old the same age as the other Hens they were hatched and raised together. The first day I got her home she just drank some water that I seen. The second day she came down in the morning and went back up into the coop 3 hours before the sun was due to set. Today is the third day she hasn't came out the coop I gave her some Scratch, Laying pellets, diced Tomatos, Cabage, and Broccoli. She didn't eat only ate a little broccoli. So I boiled up a egg and crumbled it up she ate some but not all . Haven't seen her drink but yet still I haven't been watching her every second. So i made her get out the coop and socialize a little and try to get her a to act like a chicken........ So my question is has anyone ever had this problem? She's acting like she has Separation anxiety. I don't think she's sick. Any suggestions on what to do? I'm willing to go get another hen from her original flock but can't do that till this weekend.
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    They are very intelligent and forge lifelong bonds.
    You could get another one of her friends.
    Otherwise you may have to just wait. She may never become fast friends with the others.

    Imagine if someone took you away from your friends and made you live in a new house with strangers. You'd be out of sorts too.
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