Can a chicken stop laying without "acting" broody??

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by flowerchicks, Aug 14, 2010.

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    My 1 year old D'uccle hen hasn't laid in about 2 weeks. Background, all the chickens were allowed to free range in our yard, which is about 7/8 acre, even though they have a designated "chcken area" of about 100 sq ft. About 2 weeks ago, around roosting time, she was MIA. We searched the yard, and finally found her behind the wire fence nesting in the ivy, SITTING ON 12 EGGS!!! DH usually collects eggs and he never noticed that her eggs were missing. She was always with hanging with the other chickens, so she wasn't sitting in the clutch until that day. Well, we collected the eggs and I placed them inside a dog crate inside the coop to encourage her to lay there (she likes to lay in a secluded place, like under the shed, if she can). From that day on, we didn't let any of the chickes out of the chicken area during the day. The next day, there was another egg, and the day after there were was another. At that point, I removed all the eggs since she seemed to be layig there. Since then, we have not collected a single egg from her. She isn't acting broody, but I know D'uccle's are not noted for going broody. But, do they go through a period of not laying? All the hens finished moulting about a month ago, and all my layers are laying fine.
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    Keep looking! I'll bet she found another hidden spot!

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