Can a GREEN egg show up in a brown egg layer??


11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
Hudson, WI
When I was gathering eggs last night, I got to my Silkie pen and had 3 pale brown eggs, and a GREEN egg. Not greenish brown, GREEN.

I do not own a single Ameracauna hen.

The ONLY birds in that pen are Silkies, and there is no way anything else could have gotten in there.

Any thoughts??

Anyone else ever had this happen??

I can't wait to get home and check the run tonight!

YES! I have a Splash Orp Hen that lays them. Apparently somewhere in the bloodline the Blue Egg gene got in. Mine is a Pure Orp, as I hatched her from my birds. Only other explanations would be bird is not pure or the EE's got in I had no EE's in my flock, and haven't had for months and the EE's I did have were never with this bird in this pen. So after much discussion on here we determined it is just a freak Blue Egg Gene.
OMG! Thank you! I feel a little less crazy now!

Since everyone is in separate XL Dog kennels right now, complete with 4 walls top and bottom of 1" x 1" square metal, I knew no one had "gotten in", besides which, I don't even OWN any blue/green eggers!

Actually, had my Ameracaunas laid an egg this pretty color I'd probably still have them!!! LOLOLOL!

I can't wait to see if it happens again. If it does, I may have to segragate the 4 Silkies to see if I can figure out who is laying them!

It looks like an EE roo was sneaking around the silky hen house about 6 months ago
Heck it wouldn’t even have to be your rooster, it could have been a visitor even a generation or so ago. if its chain link dog pens there is plenty that could happen right threw the fence, if both partners cooperated.
No, not chain link, the small wire with 1" x 1" holes. These are the Giant individual kennels, like you'd use for New Foundland/Great Dane sized dogs. I have 4 of them set up in the pole barn, each with 4-6 bantam birds. (From back when I did Rescue work)

And, all 5 of my Silkies came from a VERY reputable breeder. I don't think she would have had anyone sneeking anywhere near her prized birds! LOLOL! I have been to her place a number of times, and I have seen the siblings, the parents, the grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins etc. of my birds. Most of her stock, she got from George.

That is why it is wierd!

If these were mutts, or I'd gotten them from questionable sources, I wouldn't be posing this question.

So, now I have gotten 4 blue/green eggs in the past 6 days in the Silkie pen (along with the more expected pale brownish cream colored eggs).

I am going to gather a few more and hatch them.
I am also going to separate each of the 5 silikes into individual cages to try and narrow down who is laying colored eggs.

This is just mind-boggling to me. Evil Silkies messing with my mind!
I am asking if ANYONE out there has ever had a Purebred, NON-Ameracauna/EE birds spontaneously lay blue/green eggs.

THAT is the question I want answered, please.

I know it would be rarer than rare, and if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it either.

1. I don't need anyone telling me I have birds that are loose and jumping walls, (which I don't, unless they've developed opposable thumbs and can work latches LOL!).

2. I don't even OWN any Ameracauna/EE hens right now.


I really don't think you could breed Ameracauna characteristics back out sufficiently to have serious prizewinning Silkies if they got cross-bred to a smooth-green-legged, hard-feathered, muffed bird.

Honestly, honestly, honestly, these Silkies do NOT have Ameracauna/EE in their bloodlines.

I do not think that George Mihalik would be able to win the shows and the reputation he has with mutt birds. Nor would he risk his reputation claiming to sell champion stock Silkies that are mutts. Two of my birds are directly from his farm, and the other 3 are first generation birds from the matings of birds brought back from his farm by a good and trusted friend of mine. I have been getting top-of-the-line birds from her for 3 years. I know her show/breeding stock.
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