Can a hen crow like a rooster?


10 Years
Nov 30, 2011
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Recently I am noticing that one of my four girls tends to sing her egglaying song and ends it differently. Is it normal for her to actually almost crow softly like a rooster? I know its a hen because we collect eggs from her. I know her egglaying shell shape and everything. I have heard it can happen when there isnt a rooster present. I know one tends to act like the rooster in putting the girls in line. Setting the pecking order and everything but can they crow too? I dont the neighborhood to assume we have a rooster when we dont. I dont think they would like hearing her crow often. -Silvermoon-
Yeah it's possible. I have a rooster and I stilI have a hen who crows every morning and does a darn good job of it! But never when she lays an egg, just a few crows in the a.m. and she's done for the day.
Well I am glad it is possible then. I was just concerned not only for my sake but our neighbors hehe. I dont think its after she lays an egg I just said that because anytime I hear them cackle its because they have just layed an egg or are going to. Granted I make sure it isnt a predator since they do free range in our yard. I just thought the whole thing is interesting to me I have heard it two times so far though I bet its more.

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