Can a hen crow?!


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Jan 19, 2013
I have had my girls for 3 years. Recently my bossy hen passed away. Everyone was mellow until a couple days ago. I'm up at 5:30 and even before the sun rose I hear the most gawd awful sound, enough to wake the dead! I looked at my husband and said what the heck was that?!! Again this raspy obnoxious crow and I realize it's coming from my coop! 5 of the girls are awake and on the ground ready to start the day. I can't tell who's making noise but it's bad!! Has anyone had a hen that has started crowing in the morning? I live in the county where chickens are allowed but not roosters. I've never had roosters and there are none within earshot of us. What do I do? How can I stop this?
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Yup. And that sounds like a description of what they sometimes do that is called "crowing," although I did have one who did a very good imitation of a male's crow. From a hen, it is a sign of dominance. They will also sometimes climb on the backs of another hen as if mating for the same reason, to show they are top hen.

Perhaps you can stop it by shaking up the pecking order. In a pinch, I would just put the noisy hen in another area by herself for a week, where she cant see or hear the rest of the flock. Theyn when she returns, she will be like the bottom of the pecking order. Hopefully, whoever takes over as lead hen won't be inclined to show the same behavior!
Had only one hen ever truly crow and it was after her rooster she'd been with for almost 6 years died. She did it several times over two days and never did it again. I've had hens do some weird caterwauling sound that was almost like a cow bellowing, but that isn't what I'd call a crow.
Thanks, I'll find out who's doin it and try the separation. The only way she'll stop is for me to be out the the moment the run rises or that sick noise will wake the dead!! Thanks for the comments!! At least I know it falls in somewhat of a normal occurrence!!

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