Can a person transmit viruses on chickens?


In the Brooder
May 4, 2020
Does anyone know if I was holding a sick chicken and then I hold another one, can she get infected only by getting in touch with my shirt for instance that I was wearing while holding the sick chick? Or because I haven't washed my hands maybe.

It may be a silly question but my otherwise healthy chick fell sick the day after the previously sick one died and they had absolutely no contact because my chick is living in a house with me, has her own food and water and was never near the sick one.
The only single thing they had in common was - me.
Viruses, bacteria and even protozoa can be transmitted by dust, debris on shoes and equipment and all sorts of cross contamination contact.
What virus did the chick have? How old was it? Did you have a necropsy performed?

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