Can a Pullet Crow?


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Mar 18, 2008
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We have a 3 month old Buff Orpington. She looks just like our adult BO hen. She was previously in a run with only roosters. The roosters are gone now. And she is only with one other pullet at this time. (They are separate from the adult flock). There is absolutely no rooster appearance to her., but maybe we are wrong? Before the roosters were gone she started crowing with them. This was a total shock to us! Now this evening, she crowed again. It is a pathetic crow like a squeaky toy that makes noise when you squeeze and a pause then again noise when you release it. But it is no doubt a real crow. So, is it possible for a pullet to crow or am I just out of luck and I have a rooster incognito?


I have a hen that crows. She very seldom tries anymore since now have a rooster. But, sometimes when a young rooster tries to crow she will answer him. And she is laying now too. Some of the young roosters are her babies.
I had a 4 week old crow....and it was the funny pathetic crow you are talking about. It was like everytime our big polish roo would crow the little guy would let out his raspy little crow. It was really funny.
Yup, hens can crow, esp. without a roo present. Give her time. Maybe she will crow when she lays an egg.

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