Can a rooster be too big??


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My SO says Thor is too big. Maybe he is, but what the heck could I do about it? He's not the alpha roo and my alpha is very vigilant about making sure Thor gets very few chances to mate. So really do I need to worry? He's six months old and weighed just shy of 11 lbs. a week ago.

Here's Thor. I tried to get pics of him next to some of the hens for comparison, but if taking pics of one chicken is hard it's next to impossible to get two to hold still at the same time.


I have a Suede and Thor sized roo now, thanks to Tuffoldhen!
I will tell you that my largest hen walked away limping from a mating with him the other day. He's a little on the heavy side but not an aggressive breeder, so I know it wasn't because he was too rough. I can only assume he's just a little too ....well.....BIG!

Now that he is chasing his own women and trying to avoid my smaller, but dominant RIR, I think he will slim down a little, but I'm sure he will still be a hunk, a hunk of burning love!
Thanks! Thor is a dark brahma. My alpha is a light brahma; but I've always been partial to the underdog and Thor is stealing my heart.
Thanks speckled! I told my SO "SPECKLED said my roo is just fine, so quit picking on my roo! "
Too big for what? As long as you don't have small hens, like bantams, I don't see a problem. I've had Brahmas, too, I love them. I'm switching to other breeds for practical reasons, but my Brahma roos were very gentle and nice to the hens. My old Buff Brahma roo, Papa, was huge. He straddled smaller hens when he mated them, instead of trying to stand on them. I've never seen another roo do that. His hens loved him, he used to beak-feed them when I tossed them treats.

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