Can an Easter Egger's tail length indicate gender?


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Apr 3, 2012
Here are a few of my babies, please share your wisdom I like learning from other's experience.

8 weeks old name depends on gender

Twitch, also 8 weeks old, my skittish baby the poor thing is so tore up on the back from being pecked so badly. If you move your hands too quickly she reacts like an abused animal & sorta screams & tries to hide her head under my elbow/arm, & trembles.
She/he is now in a cage with the beauty in the above pic who has also been tore up so they can recoup.

Here are few different tail examples at 5 1/2 weeks old.




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I don't think tail length is foolproof in determining EE gender. (My EE pullet is larger and has a longer tail than the cockerel.... so far!) Comb size and color is a better indicator. Roos go raspberry red and have more prominent combs starting around 6 weeks. They also always get splotches of dark red on upper wings, but the timing for this is a bit more variable.

Easter Egger Sexing "tips and tricks" *Pictures Included* This is where I got my info. Great thread.

Your first pic is a pullet (that color is common and is always a girl). The second one I'm not sure because the comb is not obviously roo in the pic, and you have the red splotches, but they are scattered more evenly (which could be a girl). You'll need someone who knows more than me! Boy or girl, it's going to be beautiful! Love those gray beards!

Enjoy them! I really like my EEs (in my avatar).



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Sort of looks like a cockerel's comb to me, but I'm not 100% sure. Not super wide, but it has a good bit of color in it for just 8 weeks old. Nice looking bird.
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