Can an egg change color after it's laid?


11 Years
Jun 4, 2009
So Cal
Yay! I got my first light aqua egg on Saturday followed by two olive Green eggs Sunday and Monday (a different hen I presume) then today another light aqua- but... since they were in the refrigerator now they all look olive green? Does that happen to anyone else- does the refrigeration change the color? I took photos before they were chilled so at least I know it wasn't just wishful thinking-
Thanks in advance
Temperature will cause eggs to look different. As will the bloom that is on them before washing. We have many eggs that look quite red when they are laid and then when we wash them they are definately brown. And if you have to scrub your eggs as we sometimes have to do you can actually scrub the color off the egg. Not all but enough to change color.

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