Can animals sense when they are laying?

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    Aug 31, 2008
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    We have 2 dogs and HAD 4 runner ducks. We found eggs on sunday,(their first time laying) and were so excited as we wanted to try hatching (not even sure if we had a male or not). The dogs wouldnt stay away from the garden that the ducks were in. On Monday I got a call from my son telling me all the ducks were dead![​IMG] One of the dogs broke into the garden and killed them all. Didnt mutilate them just broke their poor little necks. The dogs never bothered with the ducks before except to give them a passing glance when they went by. Is it possible they could sense this? We did manage to get 3 eggs we found monday and but them in our home made bator. I dont have alot of faith in them hatching as this is our first time and we are not having alot of luck keeping the temp correct and also not even sure if they are fertile. We won some of Ebay but after a few days the lady wrote back saying they were old and "hopefully" hers will lay again this weekend and she will send those out.. Im just so devistated, they really made my whole day when i came home from work and saw them. On a side note... If anyone has any Runner eggs or ducklings for sale that could be shipped if your not near me I'd love to hear from you.

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