can any one give me some input??

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    Jun 23, 2010
    so i realised there is a section on here just for pheasants i been talking to all the chicken ppl but hopefully someone here can help better? i have 36 izzy and red buff pheasant eggs due today i been trying to leave the incubator alone as much as possible since i raised the humidity and stopped turning them. i also found out i might of stopped turning a day too early i read you can stop turning them up to 4 days ahead which is how long its been so i got some questions.
    1is it okay i opened the incubator today (they are due today) and checked a couple for any activity?
    2 is it okay i stopped turning them possilby a day or 2 too early?
    3 i candled the eggs and they look full except the air sac but none have pipped the air sac yet think there still gonna make it?

    i followed the hovabator manual exactly aexcept i couldnt test humidity but a guy said just fill the small trough then 3 days b4 fill the big trough too and your humidity will be as close as you can get it to perfect probably.

    ANY INPUTTTTTTT!!!!??? im freakin out i was pexpecting a pipped egg or 2 today...[​IMG]
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    Mar 25, 2010
    Relax, Thay Should Be Fine.Just Don't Open The Bator Until Your Ready To Take The Chicks Out.

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