CAN ANYBODY PLEASE tell the breed of this chick!


7 Years
Apr 28, 2012
Brockville, On
Hi, I have this chick and I have no idea what it is. The parents may be either crosses or purbreds of cochins, chanteclers, Minorca's and/or mille fleur barbu d'uccle's.

I think she is a pullet becuase of her still small and yellowy rose or pea comb. (Does anybody know if it is a rose or pea comb?) It looks like she's barred or something but I don't know how that could of happened with the breeds in which she came from. She also has clean yellow legs. We bought her at an auction sale and we later found out that the women we bought them from allows cochins, d'uccle's, minorca's and chanteclers to run and breed with eachother. Does anybody have any idea which crosses could of happened to make this chick?

You can sort of see barring or something on her back in this pic. She has been getting more and more white on her. When we first got her she was mostly grey but has really lightened up since then. She looks mabeye mottled or barred or something and i would very much love to find out the cross, gender and color and/or pattern she OR HE is. Thanks so much!
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its clean legged so the cochin's and d'uccles are out of the run for being the parents because if one of them were it still would have at least a few feathers on its legs...due to the comb i would say it has some chantecler in it

can you get shots from the side to see its profile and a comb shot as we cant really see the comb?
Do you know what else is in it? could it be a partridge chantecler and a white chantecler? Or a chantecler with a Minorca? Do you have any guesses? And I'll try to get those close ups.

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