Can anybody tell us the name of my little boys chicks?


May 14, 2015
My 7 year old has had 3 baby chicks for his birthday and i head over heals in love with them! through all our research online and in books we can not figure out what they are. We were told they were Bantams but that is all we know.
We have one brown one and two black and white ones. we had them from 4 weeks old (now 6 and a half weeks).
the brown one is calmer and more friendlier than the other two. the black and white ones are growing quite a prominent comb already and are quite fat for six weeks! the two white ones also seem to flap thier wings at each other and stare each other out a lot!

We would be very greatful if anyone could give us a better idea of what are chicks are.

above just over 3 weeks old

below 6 weeks old

thanks for the replies. Is there any way of finding out which breads or not?
we suspected the 2 black and white ones may be cockrels but as its the first time we have had any chickens we thought it likely that they just grow and develop at different rates and we wouldn't be able to tell properly for some time yet. its unfortunate if they are cockrells as they have been named Zoe and Tegan!
should they have combs growing at 6 weeks?
these are the closest photos i could get to try and show Zoes comb which is redder a bigger than the photo shows

Where did you get these? I'm not convinced these are mixed. They almost look like Spitzhaubens. And yes, the light ones are cockerels.
we got them freom a little farm in mid Cheshire, (uk), the owner said we can take and cockrells back and swap them. the black and white ones are quite feisty with each other I was surprised at the rate they have grown, they look huge for 6 weeks
We took the 2 white cockerels back to the farm to swap them for some girls and we found out that the cockerels were Apenzeller Spitzhaubens. The farmer hadn't know the name of them when we chose them but we met thier parents who were very striking looking birds. Thier comb grown into a 'v' shape and the cockerel was extreemly noisey!

We still have victoria, the golden one and we now have another girl like her and one more who is black/ dark grey with a bit of white and we have no idea what they are, the farmer said thier parents eggs that he hatchen came from a lady who specialised in rare breads.

we know they are Bantams but whould love to know what they are is anyone has a clue?!! The 1st photo is our origional chick, Victoria who is very photogenic!

photos not very good of the new birds as they are a bit weary at the moment so I took pics of them through the window.


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