Can anyone advise on my sick chick? :(


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Feb 10, 2009
I was wondering if anybody could give some advice on this little chick, born yesterday. There were 15 healthy chicks but this one little guy was weak from the get-go. He got some help out of the shell (I know it's not a good idea, I didn't do it!) but was struggling yesterday and had a lot of membrane stuck to his feathers. He was laying on his side with his leg shaking in the incubator. I got a hot, wet rag and got some of the membrane off. It seemed to revive him and he picked up strength. Today he's walking and chirping lots, he seems to have good strength but one of his little legs appears to be twisted and his feathers never fluffed. The other chicks have been moved to the brooder but I'm concerned that this little guy wouldn't manage in with the others. I'm worried though that he's not eating. I'd appreciate any advice anyone has. It breaks my heart to think he might die. Has anybody had any experience of a chick like this. Any way I can encourage him to eat? Is there any chance he might survive?
Thanks for your help!

(Sorry if the pictures are sideways! I couldn't figure out how to get them right way up!)



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Just wanted to say im sorry youre going thru this. Ive seen some information about twisted feet/twisted toes in this forum and on google. Maybe an internet search will provide some answers while waiting for more responses here.

Good luck to you and your chick.

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