Can Anyone Explain the difference in a "Wild" and a "Partridge" color?

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    Especially in males? I have these OEG BB Bantams (wild pattern or partridge?). I've had them for years and I love their look so I decided that maybe I should get some standard birds with this feather pattern. I go to this website and look at the colors I can't tell the difference on some of them. And all the variations...I thought Partridge Rocks might be a good one, but then I realized they don't have a salmon colored breast. So, I am thinking salmon colored breast=wild pattern, then I look at the color chart, and wrong. Partridge has salmon color breast. As you can see, I am thoroughly confused.

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    The game birds Blackbreasted red are very pretty- I have modern bantams, and the famales have the salmon breasts- but,dont quote me on this,but I think the color patterns and names of the game birds are not all the same color/names of the other breeds. The lt brown leghorn female has color like the salmon breast. Feathersite has some good labeled pictures. good luck

    I dont kno how to add the thread?! its go to poultry page and click on chickens and you can look up any breed they will have colors and pics and all labelled
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    roosters look a lot alike but hens:

    partridge have brown feathers w/black lacing.

    Wild look is a darker color w/black striping some times.
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    Ok, here in the U.S. partridge refers to a red bird with black pencilling. In the U.K. and most of Europe, partridge is what we call Black Breasted Red or Light Brown. BBR/light brown is known as wild type color. Partridge is a variant of BBR.
    The cocks look the same but the partridge hens have a dark brown/red feather with a fine black pencilling. The BBR/Wild type/light brown hens are brown with a salmon breast.
    I also suggest becoming a member on, they can help with all of your genetic questions.

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