Can anyone figure this out?


In the Brooder
Jul 22, 2016
Is it bleeding or just swollen?

If it is bleeding, put her in a Low-Water Warm bath and Wipe off the blood with Soapy water and then put Hydrogen Peroxide on it.
Well, I didn't know if I should be concerned about it. Blanche is 17 weeks eating and drinking well. Her comb/wattle development is lacking in color color compared to her sister's. We had a cockerel who picked on her and her plumage looked worse than it does now. The cockerels have been out of the picture for about 4 weeks now, but it seems like Red, a RIR pullet, is continuing with the pecking.
Here sister Ethel has nice color and is more developed. She has two spots on her wattles, one on each side. I'm just worried that it is pox.

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