Can anyone help ID this hen?


8 Years
May 30, 2011
Hereford, Arizona

I bought her and was told a "Silver Leghorn"
Is this correct?
Where can I find info?

Thanks from the newbee ............
I don't know, that sounds right, you can google silver leghorn pics and see what it comes up with.

Here is another shot with her cage mates.
Where can I find any pictures of Silver Leghorns to compare.
I have googled with little success. She is 15-16 weeks.
She does have some similairities to the picture of the Americauna from the link posted above.

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I am not an expert on Leghorns by any means, but your girl does have a general Leghorn look about her. I really can't see the comb in the photo, is it single or other--a closeup would really help. The Silver Leghorn does come in a Rose Combed variety as well as a Single Combed variety ).
Sorry can't help with the photos. You could try doing a search for Silver Duckwing Leghorn and see if it gets better results.
Is there a reason you are doubting the breed since you were told it was a leghorn when you got her?

Oh, and

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