can anyone help me ,what are these


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sorry guys I don't know how to post pics for crap

can anyone tell me what type of pupas these are and if my chickens can have them,I was cleaning out an old chicken waste/feed compost bin and there was thousand of these ugly thing in it but I thought the chickens would love them if you guys thank it safe
but I can email you a pic of them if you want to please give me your oppion
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did you put that pic up for me thank you so much your a doll.but they came from the waste clean up of old chicken dropping and wasted feed ,you still thank they'ed be ok
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I think they'd be fine to eat. I watched every one of my chickens check out a caterpillar the other day. I was curious if they would eat it because I know this particular type of caterpillar has spines on it's back that sting. Every single one of them looked at it and then passed it by. They seem to know what's okay to eat and what's not. Of course I do have a rooster that ate a hornet when he was young. It stung him somewhere between his beak and his crop. He's never attempted to eat another one.

maby this will show the outher photo of these pupas and someone can tell me what they thank they are thanks
The first picture looks like bot fly larvae I have taken out of wild rabbits that I have rehabbed?

But I can't say for sure, sorry.
I didn't know what they were, but I have fed them to my chickens and my bearded dragon.
I feed most bugs etc that I come across to my bearded dragon or my chickens. My chickens won't touch spiders or bees or wasps. I did see one of my chickens eat a spider once a long time ago. She lived, but never ate another one as far as I know. They are a lot smarter than people give them credit for.

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