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May 18, 2010
My 4 week old bantam chicks keep on throwing their heads back and they stretch open their mouths now and again, and sometimes sneeze. But they are eating and drinking fine.

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How often are they doing this?
What bedding do you keep them on and also what food?/
Do they have watery eyes/nose
It maybe a reaction to their environment

Hope everything goes well
well the runt of the litter has beeen like this from hatching out????and the other two have just started doing it (1 to 7 times an hour).they have 3 days ago started staying out doors all day they are still on chick crumbs they dont have any other sytoms .the problem is some one suggested that it might b gape but surely the youngest would of died by know????
Gape worm is when they swallow a worm already with the eggs
The eggs then lodge in the throat
If your chick has been doing this for a while I cant see how it would be
I didnt even think chicks could get them
Just to be sure if you open the chicks mouth you should be able to see red things against her throat

I dont think it is though

Seems strange though
Have you tried to put some vitamins in the water
people swear by the apple cider vinegar
Are you sure their nostrils are clear and no nasty smell around the face
All the best

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