Can anyone identify?

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8 Years
May 19, 2011
Bought these pullets at a local feed store. They are about 8 weeks. I was told they were golden sex links. They look totally different and one has feathered feet. Please help identify. And are they really pullets?



The one in the first 2 pictures is a Brahma but it looks to be a cross of varieties Light and Buff.

I'll guess Brahma cross (buff & light) and Golden Comet (because of the white wing tips). My mom's buff Brahmas were almost brown at that age and lightened to buff with adult plumage. Yours is very light already and the color isn't uniform but I bet s/he'll be pretty!

If I'm right about the Comet, that's a girl. IDK on the Brahma -- they can be tricky.
Aw, what a pretty baby. Yuppers you've been brahma'ed. Now the real question is if you have a boy or a girl!

The other one has white on it's tail feathers, so it's pretty safey typical for a gold/red sex-link. She's a pullet.

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