Can araucanas lay tan eggs?


9 Years
Jun 28, 2011
From everything I have read they lay blue eggs but we have two Delawares and two Araucanas and we are getting about four tan to brown eggs everyday. I thought maybe we were mistaken about the breed but they look just like pictures of other Araucanas.
Well, you likely have Easter Eggers, if you got your birds from a hatchery. True rumpless n tufted araucanas can only come from breeders, no hatcheries sell them. They sell a kind of mutt chicken that is usually muffed, bearded, tailed, and can lay any color egg.

True araucanas should lay a blue egg, but the araucana egg color chart ranges from pale blue to a soft green. They can vary, but blue is most desirable. I know a breeder here named Lanae has a true araucana hen that lays a pinkish egg I think, but that isn't the norm.
None of my good gene pool ever laid a tan egg. Some of my easter eggers and EE ameraucana crosses have laid spotted eggs tan , grey, beige spots on green, olive, blue eggs. Lovely eggs

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