Can chickens be racist

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    I know this sounds a little odd , but I have noticed my chickens separate them selves when they are In the yard , I have many different breeds of chickens and they all seem to separate them selves into categories , the red ones in one group , the exotic patterns and the dull colored ones in another . They also bully the ones who look different , :pwant to know of this is true or it is just me .

    Sorry if this is stupid ....:p
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    May 12, 2013
    They arnt racist but chickens of the same breed or same coloring tend to make mini flocks inside of one flock :p
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    While I agree that chickens tend to fraternize with those of the same breed and coloring, I find it's more likely when they were raised together in the same brooder. They tend to form life-long units. For example, I raised three chicks three summers ago, two Brahmas and one EE. One of the Brahmas was killed two years ago by a hawk, and now the other Brahma and the EE are always together, even though they look nothing alike.

    The same is true of the hens I raised six weeks before them, a Black Cochin, two EEs, and one Gold-laced Wyandotte. Always running around together.

    My latest chickens, aged five months, five Welsummer pullets and one Brahma cockerel, are inseparable. I noticed the roo is actually mimicking the vocalizations of the hens. He thinks he's one of them. (No, he doesn't crow yet, either.)
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    Birds of a feather, flock together.

    Sometimes those old sayings actually have some basis in reality.
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    Agree that similar breed types tend to hang out together, especially if raised together. Do think they do group by color somewhat, not just temperament. It also seems like some roosters have favorite colors, not just of their breed either.

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