can chickens be sad


In the Brooder
May 2, 2016
Central Florida
I have a number of chickens and have gotten them a few at a time. I noticed that they seem to hang out with their brooder mates a bit more then the others. With that being said I had a Leggbar and black Marans that were a brooder family. My Leggbar just passed recently and my Marans doesn't seem to be doing that well. She is always by herself and now her comb is getting pale. She is eating and drinking and her poo is good. Is it possible that she is mourning?
thank you so much for responding! I have put her in with my younger girls to see if they will bond... she did find herself back to the big girl coop tonight
was hoping she would go to bed with the teenagers. Wish me luck!
Good luck with the Maran. Of course she could be mourning. Chickens are a lot smarter than most (non chicken) people think. Let us know how it goes....

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