can chickens catch a cold from another type of animal?

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    My 3 new bantys are sneezing. My DH moved them into a cage I had my bunny that had a cold in.( a few weeks ago) He thought he was being nice moving them into a bigger cage but now they are sneezing? I have been putting meds in the water should I put them back on the medicated chick feed instead. they were getting teramycin in the h2o?
    They are 10 weeks olds
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    You can look at this common poultry diseases website if you want until someone answers specifically:

    It tells you species affected and has handy diagnosis charts at the bottom of the page.

    Oh and medicated chick feed is just for coccidiosis, not sneezing.
    If you have already started antibiotics, I would finish the course so you don't end up with resistant organisms. Although, if it is a virus, the antibiotics won't help.
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    Most dieases are species specific. There are a few that can jump the species barrier but there are not many.

    The most common cause for birds to sneeze is dusty conditions or feed but be on the lookout for other symptoms such as bubbles in the front corners of the eyes, labored breathing or raspy breathing.

    The best time to check the breathing is at night while they are asleep and the world is quiet and the humidity is up. If you can hear them breathing from a few feet there could be problems.

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