can chickens find water and food on their own if its there

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    Aug 25, 2013
    See pics of my coop and run

    The hens are about 2 months old (not sure because of person I bought them from was not precise) - they go in the coop and use the stairs, but usually are pecking around in the run. For a few reasons, I've been keeping food and water in the coop. They seem to be really hungry and only when I place them in front of the food or water they eat and drink. If I put the food in the run they will immediately start eating. If they are hungry why won't they go into the coop and eat? Do they not know where it is? Or is it just a coincidence, I haven't yet seen them in the coop drinking water or eating by themselves. I'd like to be able to keep the feeder and waterer in the coop because it's enclosed and there is a door for easy access for me, and it's protected from rain, etc. But it seems they prefer when it's down in the run.. The question is, is there something about chickens needing to be constantly shown where food is if it's not in an obvious place or will they find on their own?
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    I keep food in the coop out of the weather and water in the run so spills don't matter.

    I never thought about chickens finding the food. I just put it out one day and they found it.

    I would put the food and water where it is convenient for you. I would venture that the chickens will find it.


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