Can chickens get Parvo?

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    Feb 7, 2011
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    I just picked up the sweetest little puppy yesterday from the coweta animal shelter, the lady told me they didn't have a vet to come around and do shots so I needed to take him in. Well we just got back from the vet and I am so upset because Zoomer may have parvo. Ive got 6 chickens and now i'm stuck wondering what to do with this poor little dog, I realy don't want my chickens to get it and i'm so mad at the shelter for giving away a dog like this, they had to have known because she only mentioned the dog was vomiting as we were walking out with him. UGH I am sooooo upset not to mention $110 poorer, what to do?
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    Oct 8, 2009
    First [​IMG] so sorry about your puppy I don't think chickens can get parvo. I hope your puppy makes a full recovery.
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    Nov 5, 2010
    [​IMG] so sorry about the puppy, hope he makes a full recovery. Shame on that shelter, what an unethical thing to do!!!
    Don't have a clue about chickens getting parvo...
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    chickens can't get parvo. But parvo is a strong virus that can stay alive on surfaces for years, infecting other dogs that come along later. Mix up a solution of 1 cup of bleach per gallon of water and spray the yard, anywhere the pup walked. Also clean the household surfaces with it.

    I HATE it when people let you take home sick animals. I am euthanizing my chicks today because someone sold them to me sick. That's just plain WRONG.
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    Quote:I agree, google research indicates PARVO is a virus that affects mammals not birds. That said, chickens can attract predators like coyotes, fox, racoons, possums, etc...which can all be PARVO carriers. Of course you knew that...but just thot I would add that.

    Good Luck with the puppy...I love dogs, I have 5 jack russells (3 of them are 3 month old puppies) see my BYC page for pics of them checking out the chickens if interested! [​IMG]
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    parvovirus which infects canines isn't the same as the chicken parvovirus which does exist. here is a copy and past article on it.

    Parvovirus-associated cerebellar hypoplasia and hydrocephalus in day old broiler chickens.
    Marusak RA1, Guy JS, Abdul-Aziz TA, West MA, Fletcher OJ, Day JM, Zsak L, Barnes HJ.
    Author information

    Cerebellar hypoplasia and hydrocephalus were identified in day old broiler chickens showing nervous signs, impaired mobility, and diarrhea. At postmortem examination, brains of chickens were misshapen and cerebellums were smaller than normal. Microscopically, cerebellar folia were reduced in size and irregularly shaped, and the ventricles were widely distended. Affected cerebellums had focal areas along the base of folia where the internal granular cell layer had been lost, and Purkinje cells were disorganized and located within the molecular layer. Parvovirus DNA was detected by polymerase chain reaction in three of nine brains with oligonucleotide primers designed for amplification of chicken and turkey parvoviruses. On the basis of phylogenetic analyses, the detected virus was most closely related to chicken parvovirus. These findings suggest that a chicken parvovirus might cause a neurological disease of young chickens characterized by cerebellar hypoplasia and hydrocephalus; however, its role as the cause of the disease remains to be confirmed

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