Can chickens get roundworm after ingesting dog feces with roundworm eggs?

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    My mom adopted 2 dogs about 2 months ago, and I saw dog tapeworm segments on their poop prior worming them, and I also saw dead roundworms and/hookworm on their poop after worming them with Valbazen. Some of my chickens knows how to get out of the cage, so there is a high chance that they ingested some roundworm eggs on the grass, even if my mom and I try to poop the dog's feces in the garbage.

    Some say no, and some say yes. I want a link that confirms, whether or not chickens can get dog roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworm after ingesting eggs and/or intermediate host.

    The last worm dosage was given to them about 22 days ago, and I didn't see any tapeworm segments after worming them.
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    From Veterinary Helminthology:

    "Most nematodes have some degree of ecological specificity: each species is found in only one or a few host species; the life cycle stages of each species in the host are almost always in the same organ(s) and tissue(s); and the life cycle of individuals within a species follow the same basic pattern."

    To simplify concerns you may have, specific helminths require specific anthelmintics (dewormers) to destroy them. A deworming schedule for your animals, consistent with the types of helminths commonly found in your environment will prevent infections.
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