Can chickens get worms?

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  1. can chickens get worms? if so, how do u know if they have them? how do u treat them?
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    Yes chickens can get worms. If your chickens have paleness of comb, diarhhea, lethargic...almost anything abnormal can be worms. You can treat worms with dewormers at your local feed store. DE can be used, for some people have really bad reviews on it, but for some other people it has worked excellent (like me). Hopefully someone more knowledgable about wormers will come on here.

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  3. Quote:thank u [​IMG] i had pigs i had to worm, horses, cattle and other animals, but i never thought about chickens, would it be bad to deworm them just to be safe even if ur not sure they have them?
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    Some people have a worming "regimen" - so they de-worm regularly whether it's indicated or not. Doesn't hurt, but with some wormers you have to toss the eggs for a period of time. Look for Dawg's posts. He's a wormer guru!
  5. ok thank u [​IMG]
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    My chicks which are about a month and a half old, have red things in their poop. I think it's worms but I don't now where they would come from. Should I worm them with stuff from the store or do nothing, because I'm not really for sure what they are.
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    It's not worms. You're seeing shed intestinal lining which is normal on occasion.

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