Can chicks be reared alone? Help! 13 days left to find out!!!!


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I am using an R-COM mini incubator and only one out of 3 eggs is fertile ( a waste of £2 i guess just buying eggs lol) and by the looks of it, it will be reared on its own. I have been told to replace the infertiles because the chick will get lonely. The chick is due in 2 weeks (20th) and my incubator is automatic which means it will stop turning the eggs. I do have 2 broodys, but they will break soon, 8 weeks sitting on nothing and all my effort to stop them from being broody. My supplier does not sell day-old-chicks but only POL pullets, fertile eggs and roosters. Any ideas and thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!
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No they don't do very well growing up alone. Believe I'd try to find someone in the area who has chickens and try to work something out.
Give it a little time, others will respond.
Chickens are by nature a flock bird, and certainly do much better if in a flock situation, even if it's only 2 birds. I would continue to try and get another chick or two. Do you have a Craig's list where you live? Any farmers you could contact? Or maybe even someone off of this list that lives within driving distance from you will have some chicks.

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