Can chicks get constipated?

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    I have a little bantam chick that I am pretty sure is not going to make it. It won't eat, much, same for drinking but it's belly seems distended to me, so I am wondering if it could be constipated? I have seen it poop and very recently but like I said, it's belly seems distended to me.

    I got it to eat a little canned pumpkin early this afternoon but had to go out and get more chicken food and when I got home, I had forgotten about it. When I remembered and went to check on it, it was cold. My incubator is running so I put it in with the eggs. After a while it perked up and I tried to get it to take a drink of water. It refused. I put it in a bucket with the water and family came to visit. Long story short, I forgot again. When I went to check on it, it was in the water and thoroughly cold. I used the blow dryer on it to dry it quickly and as warmly as I could but it is acting more and more weak.

    I don't think I can save it but I am not going to give up until it is gone. I just got to wondering about it's belly and if it could be constipated. Oh, I don't have my book in front of me but I think it is about 3-4 weeks old.
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    Maybe A little sugar water? But you definitely need to keep it warm ! Pretty important for a chick. No more forgetting!! Was it's poo really hard or was it straining? What have you been feeding it?
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    Try some wet chicken mash. Most of them love that. And don't forget the poor bugger.

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