Can cx ever taste like dual purpose bird


9 Years
May 25, 2010
I have CX and RIR. I really like the favor and texture of the RIRs. I've heard the CX won't have the same texture as the RIR. I like for my meat to be a little bit chewy. some say that if i just let the CX grow older it'll have the same texture. is that true? I currently have CXs that are 6 months old.
Yes, it should have a more robust flavor and texture when they are older. The super-tender meat that CX are famous for is mostly due to the fact they get so big at a young age.

They'll be HUGE too.
Yeah, grow them & free range them so they don't just sit around & eat. The only difference then is that they will have more white meat as they are genetically disposed towards it. Flavor should be the same though.
I don't have the answer , but would enjoy seeing pics of those 6 month old CX . Please ?

if i can figure out how to upload pics then i would upload them for you.

i'll try tonight

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